Waste My Time

Pretty words are cool and all,

But Pretty words with action are better.

You knew what you were ready for,

But I guess lying was better than admission.

To nonchalantly rip through someone’s life when you lacked genuine intentions,

Is something I’ll never forgive even when love was mentioned.

If there’s one thing that  I’ve learned in life is to guard my spirit.

From men like you who sprout all these words but don’t have an ounce of merit.

Men like you with charming words,

With no form of action to back it.

And maybe we got to a point where I loved you,

Fuck it,

I genuinely meant it.

But I guess love to you meant nothing without a body to immediately inhabit.

I hope that it was all worth it,

To you

and the rocks you wanted to get off,

Went off successfully.

But when it comes to the back and forth with you and me,

The dance stops here.



Think of me dead,


I’ll make it so hard for you to see me,

Speak to me,

Scrub myself off the face of YOUR world completely,

Because this no longer means shit to me.

I will no longer waste my time.

Xoxo, LovePeaceMascara

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