The Destroyer

About a week ago, I finished watching Dragon Ball Super (Yes, I’m an anime lover). It inspired this poem. If you’ve watched Dragon Ball Super, then you know about Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction and how powerful he is. He can destroy an entire universe and simply destroys planets because he feels like it. It made me think about the immense amount of power that we give our significant others at times…The power to destroy everything in ourselves that we worked so hard to build. In some cases, it appears that they do it for fun.

Lord Beerus. Image from Villains Wiki



The Destroyer

We gathered around the ashes.

Eyes locked on one another.

Disgust danced with the cloud of black smoke that escaped the burning remains of

our relationship.

My disgust.

Why was I even here?

I couldn’t breathe properly.

There was never any room for me here.

And I learned that if it’s built out of love, then there’s always room for you there.

I felt stifled,

like I had been for most of the relationship.


After the fire, he poked around aggressively.

Looking to see if there was anything left intact.

Something left to burn.

I wasn’t surprised.

He always lacked tact.

Thank God!

He didn’t find anything.

I saw his disappointment.

There was no more love.

Just a shared disdain.

Don’t get me wrong I was happy it was over.

I knew him all too well.

I was just happy there was nothing more for The Destroyer to burn down again.

Xoxo, LovePeaceMascara💜

6 thoughts on “The Destroyer

  1. That’s deeply honest and speaks volumes on the situation of most people’s relationships. Even when they realize their situation they are trapped and see no escape


    1. That’s good!! It’s definitely hard work. I’ve been working on that too! I was trying to follow you back but for some reason I cannot find the follow option on your page 😦


  2. I must be late to the party, but I love the way you used The Destroyer in this art. His personality matches the part so clearly. The bright energy of his attacks only left ashes universes and planets and lives lost.


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