Better than Alright

I am looking for myself. Period.

Happy Sunday! I hope you all are doing well. It seems everyone is feeling the effects of Mercury being in Retrograde. Yes…Yikes! I am too. Solidarity my people! 🥴. I’m not sure If I posted this piece before but twice is just as nice, no?

According to my precious iPhone notes, I wrote this in November of 2018. I’m always surprised when I find gems in my notes. This is because my mind moves so quickly. I write things down (short memory) then move to another idea at the speed of light 🤦🏾‍♀️. I am also EASILY distracted.

As for the GIF, I’m hoping it answers the flood of questions I have been getting from people about my love life. It seems they’re never satisfied with my answers. You hate to see it!

I think when relationships/situationships end, we tend to rush into thinking about the next thing, the next person, the next relationship instead of focusing on self-reflection, self-love and getting to the root of why we attract toxic people. I am speaking directly to us who tend to date the same type of character, over and over again. I wrote a poem about this too. Yep, I used the dreaded word toxic. Certain people are trying to ban this word from existence and they all seem to reside on Twitter. And yes, I dragged myself as well. I am not above dragging myself.

I told a friend recently that there are people don’t know how to be alone. At all! So it does make sense that the idea of the next thing is comforting to them. I almost wrote a line about narcissists but that topic is a lot to unpack and I don’t want to unpack this right now…or EVER…👀


Chileeee….Don’t get me started!
Ok, I ain’t gon do it! Moving on!

So, all I want from these people is to PLEASE just let me find myself in peace 🥴. I promise I am making progress. All love though.


Last night, I asked God to do something.

And when it happened, I was in complete shock.


because of how quickly he did it.

But also in a state of horror because it’s not the answer I thought he would have given me.

I went through the motions that night.

I cried.

I wallowed.

I felt defeated.

Everything seemed bleak.

But then I woke up this morning.

Somber but alright.

And I think that’s the point.

Every morning when I wake, my strength will be restored.

Little by little,

until I’m better than alright.


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