Hair Color Mania

Happy Sunday my people! I hope you are all doing well.

Found this meme on Facebook😭


For the last few weeks, I have been experimenting with different hair colors. Guess what? I have not been using bleach. I have been using color hair wax from Shop Pony Fly. It is a temporary hair color wax. I wash my hair, add my styling products then use my fingers to rake the wax into my hair.

I tend to get bored very easily with my hair so this has kept me very happy. Just a tiny FYI, do not wear light colors with this. It tends to flake. I have not had severe flaking though. Also, it has not been enough to get me to stop using it. Also, I have not experienced staining and it is easy to wash the color out. I do not even use gloves.

I liked all the colors I have tried so far but I think the Blue is my favorite followed by the Gold. Also, this is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share in case any of you were like me and like experimenting with your hair.


Xoxo, LovePeaceMascara

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