Or something like that…

Laying on your couch was the best part of my day.

Legs up,

Body relaxed,

As stories of past trauma flowed from my lips.

You weren’t just a counselor,

You were a friend.

One of my best friends.

And then something more.

You listened,

You understood,

And I felt seen.

For the first time.

Recounting sleepless nights filled with tears and disgust for my own choices.

Disgust for my own life.

Even spoke about times where I felt I could take,

My own life.

I was vulnerable.

You were a shoulder.

This time…

I thought this time would be different.

But to my horror, this is the time I should have seen the truth.

I had suspicions.

But damn it, how could I have not seen?

Dr.Jekyl, Counselor Hyde.

Recounting the scariest moments of my life,

to the man who wore the best disguise.

And to do it with such ease…

I’m frightened of you,

What you’re capable of.

What can you not do?

-Makini Eversley

Xoxo, LovePeaceMascara

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