Childhood Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, I loved you.


You have always been the villain.

Even when we were kids,

I knew it then.

I knew it well.

But this time was supposed to be different, No?

This time you were supposed to change.

You promised.

My heart really wanted you to be something else.

A different character,

Something worthy of this second chance.

Not Prince Charming.

Knight in shining armor?

I wasn’t that optimistic.

I wasn’t expecting anything close.

I just wanted you to be different,

Or at least try.


You promised.

But you weren’t different.

You lied.

And I finally learned.

A villain would always be a villain.

No matter how many chances you gave them,

No matter how many versions of the fairy tale you told.


It did not matter what new timeline I placed him in.

He would not change…

So after all these years I finally closed my tear-stained storybook.

Filled with all the fairy tales of us that ended the same way.

I was done crying.

There were no more stories about the Villain I cared to tell.

Xoxo, LovePeaceMascara

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