2 Soles

“Every man for himself!” he shouted as he let go of my hand.

Shards of glass from our broken union demolished my feet.

I was run ragged.

But I kept running.

The blood from my heart escaped through the soles of my feet.

I was bleeding mercilessly,

Trying to keep up with you.

Trying to follow the hope that you had so graciously stuck in your back pocket.

Hope that I was supposed to follow.

Like the loyal dog, you would pet when it benefited you.

But something happened.

You stopped running.

I slumped to my knees.

And For the first time in months, I felt a little relief.

Thinking that we would be fixed,

Thinking that all would be well.

But then you pulled my hope from your back pocket,

Looked me in the eyes and crushed it with your bare hands.

The hands that once caressed me so lovingly.

I was devastated.

Once again,

I had been fooled.


Xoxo, LovePeaceMascara

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