There were times I wanted to scream at you.

Scream at God,

Scream at myself,

Scream out loud,

But I couldn’t.

I couldn’t dare be disrespectful.

To raise my voice,

To raise my voice at someone I love.

But I drowned in frustration.

I drowned in my tears.

Reaching my hands


Reaching out to you.

But you just stared.

You stared while I drowned.

I felt the water in my lungs.

I felt my life slipping away.

I’m scared.




Why won’t you?

Why won’t he help me?

Why won’t he take my hand?

I am reaching.


Why are you killing me?

Why did he just stare?

I’m scared.


It hit me all at once

The rage.

The devastation.

The epiphany.

The gnawing of the truth that I tried so hard to bury.

A drowning man can’t save a drowning woman.

Not While he’s trying to save himself.

  -Makini (@7yearsp)

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