Reposting because I am a closet romantic… =)

black-and-white-2590810_1920.jpg“You found me”

She looked up at me and her eyes twinkled, or at least, I think they did. On Instagram, I always thought that she was beautiful, but those are pictures; stills in time. The living, breathing, moving person was better. She was striking, and the thing is, I am not sure she knew how striking she was.”So,” she smiled, “How do you pronounce your name?” I laughed. “I was about to ask you the same thing.” “You first.” she giggled. And I did. She scrunched up her face the same way I would when she said hers. It was like we both had a different pronunciation in our head but the real thing wasn’t any less fascinating.
“What are the odds of us running into each other?” she asked, raising her left brow. It was a comfortable lift. One that seemed to have been mastered years ago, but I’m thinking the present version was a little more tamed. “Probably one in a million.” I let off a slight shrug, then glanced at her reaction.  She smiled again. Something else that surprised me. On her profile, she never smiles, and she lets us know that she would not on her page.”My smile is weird to me,” she said in one of our previous conversations. “I smile a lot in person though!”
She was right. She did. I was wondering if she knew that she had pinned her location. Also, I was hoping that she didn’t figure out that it was how I knew where she was. Again, that twinkle in her eyes caught me. We then looked at each other knowingly, like the walls had been broken down. She looked away. “I pinned my location,” she said, then looked back up at me. “I was hoping you’d find me.”  I grinned sheepishly, wondering if I should confess or just let her think it was fate. I don’t think she would have believed it was fate.
From what I saw on her social media, she was a no bullshit kind of woman. So I decided to just go with the truth.”Yes, it was the pin,” I smiled, feeling the embarrassment leave my body. She laughed, but it wasn’t a forced one; exposing teeth that she had oh so famously let us know were brought to you by braces. Even her teeth were beautiful. “You found me,” she continued, knowing damn well she had led me to her. Ten years later, sitting in an empty house, I wish I hadn’t. She had led me to so many places since then, and I followed without hesitation… Even off of a cliff.

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