Pictures of You, Pictures of Me?


How many of you set up your cameras in public and take your own pictures? I can now say I’m a member of this club, thanks to a challenge by the dopeness that is @typicalblaqueen . I have a new found respect for photographers. It was not easy. So people, please respect their craft, time, rates etc 🗣.

At first I was not going to do the challenge because believe it or not, I get crazy awkward when it comes to pictures in public but after talking to Vondra, I decided to participate. These were the rules of the challenge below:



Even though having a tripod was not mandatory, I decided to get one. They’re actually super affordable. I got mine from @bestbuy for $29.99. It was actually on sale.

Many of my friends were excited that I was doing the challenge but I was still so nervous. I even called my mom and told her about the challenge. I told her that I was going to the park and she said “DON’T GO TO ANY DESERTED SPOTS IN THE PARK!” and “Can’t you do it in the apartment complex? Like in the bush somewhere?” My mom is hilarious!😂 I had to let her know that it would be cheating.

Of course my life would not be my life unless something random happened. I had some technical difficulties and some of my Instagram stories did not post (Thank you Sprint😒!!).  However, I would like to thank Vondra for talking me into doing this( Follow her on Instagram!!!). I learned a lot and got out of my comfort zone. I also need to play with my camera some more and really get to learn the settings. The sad thing is I have actually had it for like 2 years 🤦🏾‍♀️. I own a Nikon D3300.

It was hilarious though. These are some things I learned:

  • I noticed that people in parks are nosy! Like extremely nosy.
  • Men kept circling around in their cars trying to see what I was doing.
  • My hair kept getting stuck in the tripod and my keys kept getting stuck in my hair.
  • Found out I may have lost my camera charger on the airport or plane. It cost me about $45 to get a new one…
  • Almost drooped my camera a few times. That would have been a very expensive loss.

BUT, it was fun and I will practice more. I will also now be taking my own pictures because I can 😊I’m still too chicken to shoot with anyone else 💀💀💀💀

Here are a few pictures below…


XoXo, LovePeaceMascara:)

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