Petty Patties in the Workplace

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Save that drama for ya mama and her living room

Sigh. Life is already stressful. Bills, sicknesses, TRUM….the government, the person who won’t text you back(jackass!), you name it. Those are just a few examples of stressors in everyday life. Coming to work and having to sit front and center to the drama is the last thing anyone needs. For some reason, there are some people who get off on it.

Yes, I said it! There are people who live, breathe and eat drama. If there is no discord happening, they will create it. To be quite frank, it is actually very sad. Need a hug? Need some love? Need an Oscar? It drains the life out of me. I know everyone is thinking, “well you can just ignore them and continue to do your work” or “Don’t let them mess with your paycheck girl!” But what if this person is affecting productivity. I am not even talking about affecting my productivity alone but also the productivity of others.


Now I will be the first to say that I do not have the best approach when it comes to dealing with work thespians aka drama queens. I have no patience so my first reaction would not be calm. Sometimes speaking to your supervisor/boss in some way makes you look like the bad guy. Like I said before, I am not the best person to come to for advice on these things which is why I am asking you guys.

When all else fails, how do you deal with a messy person at work? Inquiring minds would LOVE to know.

Xoxo, LovePeaceMascara.

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