Join my Block List Party


It’s my party and I’ll block who I want to

It’s been said that I am notorious for blocking people. Well, to be honest I am notorious for blocking men. There was a time I was apologetic for it. It was like a knee jerk reaction. If I felt disrespected, I would block them. I remember that I would always tell men, “Hey, I am a blocker and I will block you on every social media possible.” There was one issue that my mom would point out and it was something I knew too well. I wavered too many times in that decision. There are people right now who should be blocked from having any contact with me but they are not.

I do not block people as much as I used to. This is because I have been avoiding any situations that may lead to that. I am trying to find my peace and keep it. The reason I am even writing this post is because I blocked someone recently, someone who was very dear to my heart but it had to be done. People who mistreat me or to be quite frank, have no respect for me or my feelings DO NOT DESERVE to have ANY ACCESS to me!

Yes, I know. People treat you how you allow them to. I always preach this but fall short in living it out in my own life. So today I am standing firm in my decision. If you join my block list party for any reason, baby, you ain’t leaving.

Do you block people? Why? Tell me some stories 🙂

Xoxo, LovePeaceMascara.

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