27 Reasons to Cry?


Do I have the birthday blues?

My birthday is on Monday (February 5). I will be 27 and to be honest, I am not here for it!

I remember in my early twenties, my birthday was always so important to me. Deciding where I wanted to go eat, where to travel or what club to celebrate it at were always thoughts that made me happy. (Side note: Ya girl ain’t and never was much of a clubber but thats for another post). I have been wanting to fly under the radar this year. So far, that is not working in my favor. People are noticing.

So what is the problem? The last few years have been tough for me both personally and professionally and I feel like I have checked out. I was speaking to my mom recently and I expressed that I was not in the least bit interested in my birthday and she said “That’s a sign of depression.” I asked her if she was serious but she said she wasn’t. There are many things that are making me unhappy right now that I am trying to fix. This includes focusing more on what I actually want to do as a career and limiting my contact with people who are triggers for me.

Initially when I planned to write about my birthday, I was going to take a more positive stance. I refuse to write fake shit that I am not feeling. Sorry not sorry. I do have some plans for the month of February that I am really excited for and plan to document on here but as for my actual birthday, it may as well just be another day.

Can anyone relate? I am open to any advice 🙂

Xoxo, LovePeaceMascara.

2 thoughts on “27 Reasons to Cry?

  1. I don’t know how to advise you as I’m not 27 yet or close (not that I think it matters) but let’s get something clear, it is totally okay to feel that way especially when you’ve got things going on that you aren’t too happy about and as the transparent girl I know you to be you’ve kept it very real on this post. I’ve said all this to say that sometimes it’ll be like this and eventually it’ll get better and all fall into place (cliché I know ) so don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re an amazing woman and if this comment section permitted I’d give 27 reasons why you should enjoy this new chapter of your life because you are privileged and blessed to have made it this far so keep pushing babygirl. I know I send my yearly essay on the morning of your birthday but please remember you have my support in whatever you decide❤️ .Love you always . Em

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    1. Em!!!!! When did you get a WordPress???? And thank you so much! Every year you say something so sweet but also things i need to hear! Thanks for all your support over the years! Kiss the baby for me! Love you!!!!!


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